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The Littlstar developer 360 content API, web player, and mobile SDK's are a suite of tools we have for companies wanting to integrate immersive technologies into their apps or websites.

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360 Web Player


Axis is a panoramic (360 video) rendering engine. It supports the rendering of equirectangular, cylindrical, and panoramic textures for 360 degree video and photo.

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Developer API

The Littlstar API is a developer tool to quickly and easily build VR Cinema and 360 degree photos and videos into applications. Our system houses the largest array of categorized 360 degree immersive content, with a social layer for following your favorite users, starring your favorite content, and staying up to date with a feed of immersive content. This developer portal contains all the information needed to help get you up and running with our API and the libraries that have been created to inter-operate with it.

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VR and Mobile SDK

For information on our VR and mobile SDK's please reach out to: